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5th International Scientific and Technical Conference “Urgent problems of the World Ocean biological resources development”

Dear friends,

 Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University would like to invite You to take part in the 5th International Scientific and Technical Conference “Urgent problems of the World Ocean biological resources development”. The Conference will take place in Vladivostok (Far East, Russia) on May 22-24, 2018.

You can apply for the Conference until April 23, 2018.

Please, find attached an Application Form and Announcement.

You can also find more detailed information on the Conference on our web-site:http://conf.dalrybvtuz.ru/en/

We are kindly asking You to inform your colleagues about the Conference by giving them these details, if possible.

Main directions of the conference’s workshops:

1. Water bioresources, ecology, fisheries and aquaculture;

2. Marine Engineering;

3. Technologies and quality control of the products made of aquatic organisms;

4. Technologies of food and refrigeration industries;

5. Economy and social aspects of the fisheries industry development.

6. Issues of internalization of higher education in training qualified personnel for fishery industry.


Forms of participation in the conference

- Plenary reports;

- Sectional reports;

- Extramural participation.


Including publication and posting in

Russian Science Citation Index

Within the framework of the conference there will be held a round table, devoted to the problems of the development of fish industry, with the participation of representatives of government authorities and industry enterprises.

Registration for the round table:

Tel. 8 (423) 2-44-11-76

Address of the Conference Organizing



690087, Vladivostok,

52b Lugovaya Str,

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University,

Tel: 8 (423) 2-44-19-28

Tel./Fax: 8 (423) 2-44-19-28

             8 (423) 2-44-11-76


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