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 Federal State Education Institution of Higher Professional Education

«Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University»


Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture


International Research and Practice Conference

«Scientific and practical issues of fisheries regulation»,

dedicated to the 100th  anniversary of the birth of laureate of state prize Kalinovsky V. S.

December 6 – 7, 2011



We kindly invite You to participate in International Research and Practice Conference, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of laureate of state prize Kalinovsky Vladimir Sevast’yanovich.



Laureate of state prize,

PhD in Technical Sciences, associate professor,

Head of Industrial Fisheries Dept.

since 1955 till 1971


16.08.1911 – 19.01.1996



Main directions of the conference’s workshops:


1. Scientific and practical issues of status and fisheries regulation.

2. World Ocean Biological resources and its rational exploitation.

3. Fisheries technology and design methods yesterday, today and tomorrow.

4. Methods of mathematical modeling and informational technology in the fisheries industry.

5. Development prospects of the fisheries education in Russia in terms of multilevel training.


Working languages of the conference

Russian and English


Conference venue:

Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University” (“DALRYBVTUZ”)

52-b Lugovaya Str., Vladivostok, Russia, 690087


Organizing Committee of the Conference:

Chairman – Kim Georgy Nikolaevich, D.Sc.., Professor, President of FSEI HPE “Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University”.


Vice-chairman – Boytsov Anatoly Nikolaevich, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture.


Conference conveners:

Kuznetsov Yuri Avivovich, PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor of Industrial Fisheries Dept. of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture;

Kazachenko Vasily Nikitich, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Water Biological Resources Dept. of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture;

Plotnikov Vladimir Victorovich, Doctor of Humanities, Professor of Bioecology    Dept. of 

the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture;

Mizyurkin Michail Alexeevich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, laboratory chief of Industrial Fisheries of “TINRO-CENTRE”;

Norinov Evgeny Gennadevich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Water Bioresources Dept. of FSEI HPE Kamchatka State Technical University;

Nedostup Alexander Alexeevich, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Pro-rector for Teaching and Studies, Chairman of Industrial Fisheries Dept. of FSEI HPE KSTU

Lisienko Svetlana Vladimirovna, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Chairman of Industrial Fisheries Dept. of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture;

Osipov Evgeny Veler’evich, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Industrial Fisheries Dept. of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture.


Executive Secretary – Barinov Vasily, Associate Director for Scientific Research of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture


Address of the Conference Organizing Committee

690087, Vladivostok

52b Lugovaya Str., audience. 409-V

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University,

Tel./Fax: (4232) 44-24-11

http:// www.conf.dalrybvtuz.ru

E-mail: ()


Contact persons:

Boitsov Anatoly Nikolaevich

Barinov Vasily Vladimirovich

Tel: (4232) 44-24-11, (4232) 44-25-03


Arrangement fee

Arrangement fee includes the cost of program and conference materials publications as well as letters of invitation and cost of cultural programme activities.

The amount of arrangement fee comes to:

● 1000 rubles for the publication of reports and participation in the conference;

● 500 rubles for the publication of reports without participation in the conference;

● 50$ US for foreigners.


Bank information:


 ИНН/КПП 2538008586/253801001

УФК по Приморскому краю (ФГОУ ВПО «Дальрыбвтуз» л/с 03201874800)

ГРКЦ ГУ Банка России по Приморскому краю г. Владивосток

р/с 40503810300001000002,

БИК 040507001

Код 07630201010010000130


Payment details:

For participation in the conference____Full name___(of the 1st author)


 Attendance is for free


Arrangement fee will guarantee:


- Official registration with recording in the list of participants, published in materials and at the conference website;

- A right to submit reports (not more than 2, including in co-authorship);

- Getting 1 complete set of the conference materials;

- Organizing committee assistance in booking a hotel.


Meals, accommodation and fares are paid by participants.

During the conference time canteen and cafeteria will be provided.


 Requirements for submitted materials

In order to take part in the conference it’s necessary to submit the following materials to the conference organizing committee by E-mail:

- Application form, testifying the participation in the conference;

- Conference materials made in accordance with the mentioned below requirements;

- Copy of the payment order, testifying the payment was transferred to Dalrybvtuz’s bank account or paying slip for “Participation in the conference”.

All the materials are requested to be named by the family name of the first author, for example: «Application form Ivanov.doc», «Materials Ivanov.doc», «Paying slip Ivanov.jpg».




Deadline periods

Application form must be submitted not later than October 20, 2011


1 November

– Submitting conference materials and documents, testifying the payment of arrangement fee.


5 December

– Arrival


6-7 December

– Working days of the conference


8 December


– Departure


Requirements for conference materials


Text formatting. The article must be typed in text editor Microsoft Office Word 2003. In the upper left corner there is UDC code; below in the middle in a space line place the name of report, than space line, initials, surname of the author (authors); below in the middle place the name of educational institution or organization, city; below space line, brief summary (annotation) of about 3-7 lines in italics, below space line and text of the report materials, space line, than place bibliographical list according to the references in the text. At the end of report there must be again initials of the authors, the name of report and brief summary (annotation) in English in italics.

Illustrations and diagrams shouldn’t exceed the field width.

Volume of the text should be up to 8 full pages of the A4 format. All the margins are 2cm.

Text. Type – Times New Roman 12, indention – 1 cm; single spacing. The text of the article should be typed without hyphenation, with a single white-space between words, without using white-space for justification. All the illustrations in the text must be monochromatic and made in *.jpg or *.bmp, picture captions must be typed in MS Word.

Picture caption must include the name and number (Pic. 1…). Text of the article must contain the references for all the pictures in the text. Graphs and diagrams are recommended to be made in MS Excel and MS Graph. All the pictures should be duplicated as a separate file.

Tables’ lines must be consistent with the properties of page fields. Tables must have headings and serial numbers. All the tables must have relevant references in the text.

Mathematical equations and chemical formulas must be typed in Equation Editor or Math Type as one object and not to consist of several single parts, formulas shouldn’t exceed the font size of 14-16.

Formulas and equations are typed from a new paragraph and are numbered at the end of the line in round parenthesis.









 UDC 669.713.7

                                                                                                                    Space line


Space line

A.A. Ivanov

“Dalrybvtuz”, Vladivostok, Russia

Space line

Brief summary (annotation), in italics

Space line

Text, text, text, text, text, text…………..

Space line

Bibliographical list

Space line

  1. Is typed according GOST P 7.0.5 – 2008                 “ Bibliographic reference”

Space line

A.A. Ivanov

“Dalrybvtuz”, Vladivostok, Russia

Space line


Space line


Brief summary (annotation) in English, in italics




Conference materials will be published at the publisher’s editorial office. Editorial board reserves the right to refuse the publication of the materials that are in violation of the requirements and deadlines and not directly relevant to the topic of the publication.

All the materials of the conference will be published as a collection of scientific articles and posted to our site: www.conf.dalrybvtuz.ru

You can find detailed information concerning the conference on our website: www.conf.dalrybvtuz.ru

Application for participation in the conference

Full name;

Position, science degree, title;

Full name and abbreviation of educational institution or organization;

Mailing address of organization, phone number;

Subject of the report;

Direction of conference’s workshop;

Form of participation:

In person (with report), in absentia (with publication);

Necessity for hotel accommodation;

Home address (mailing address), Tel, E-mail

Dear Colleagues!

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