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Intercollegiate student scientific and technical conference «STUDENT’S SCIENCE: VIEWS OF YOUNG PEOPLE»


Institute of food and refrigerating engineering invites students of higher education institutions, graduate students and young scientists (under the age of 35) to take part in intercollegiate student scientific and technical conference «STUDENT’S SCIENCE: VIEWS OF YOUNG PEOPLE».

One of the priorities of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the sphere of healthy nutrition is to provide the population of the country with top-quality and, first of all, safe food because there is dependence of high sickness rate and short lifetime on the quality of food products. Quality and safety of the products are determined by the complex of organoleptic, physical-chemical and microbiological indicators of the consumer characteristics in accordance with existing normative documentation.

Furthermore the constantly increasing demands for the food products require the use of special equipment and devices, providing high-quality production of safe products.

The development of food industry is influenced by such important factors as science achievements in biology, chemistry, microbiology, as well as the level of research and mechanization, automation and computerization of the processes.

The amount and quality of the products directly depend on the level of technological equipment. The improvement of already existing technologies and development of brand new kinds, first of all, affect the growth of labor productivity, increase of food production, its quality, as well as improving the economic characteristics of the processing plants.

Trends of the technological equipment development, which produces ready made products depend on the scientific and technological progress in the sphere of factory automation and technologies for the raw material and half-stuff processing as well as the processes related to the transportation and storage of the raw materials and ready made products. Further more, with the increasing demands for the quality and environmental protection, in times of increasing anthropogenic influence, issues related to the development of all the types and directions of environmental protection activities become topical.



Main directions of the conference’s workshops:


1. “Modern technologies of the environmental protection”;

2. “Refrigeration and thermal engineering”;

3. “Technical service and transport systems;

4. “Processes and equipment for food production”;

5. “Technological equipment for food production”;

6. “Mechanics and computer technology”;


Date: 21-23 April, 2010


Conference venue: Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University» («DALRYBVTUZ»)

Institute of food and refrigerating engineering


Organizing Committee of the Conference:


Chairman: Borodin P. A., PhD, Associate Professor, director of the Institute of food and refrigerating engineering.


Vice-chairman: Vyazova A. V., PhD, Grand PhD, Full Prof., vice-director for science of the Institute of food and refrigerating engineering.


Address of the Conference Organizing Committee:


Lugovaya Str., 52-b-422

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University

Institute of food and refrigerating engineering

Tel: 8 (4232) 44-08-63




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