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International Scientific and Technical Conference «Urgent problems of the world ocean biological resources development»

Dear Colleagues!

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Dear Colleagues!

We kindly invite You to participate in International Scientific and Technical Conference «Urgent problems of the world ocean biological resources development», that will be held in connection with the 80th Anniversary Celebration of Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University (Dalrybvtuz) on the 18th -21st of May, 2010 in Vladivostok.

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University is a multidiscipline institution of higher professional education, providing training of highly qualified specialists for fisheries and food industries of Far East.

Biological resources of the world ocean in the broad sense include the whole biodiversity of plants and animals of the oceans. But not all the biological resources from the economic, technical and ecological points of view can be reasonably and wisely involved in industrial application. The kernel of the issue raised at the conference is to find the ways to optimize the use of Ocean bioresources.

Today many species of fish are on the verge of extinction. The world fish catch without visible environmental damage can be increased only by careful observing the regulations of catching some scarce species and expansion of new species fishing.

Almost the whole world’s fish catch (more than 95%) is still extracted from the shelf zone. Fishing in northern latitudes, that gives a little more than a half of the world’s catch of fish, traditionally occupies the leading positions. The contribution of oceans in seafood that people get from the sea is very unequal. In this regard Pacific and Atlantic oceans significantly outnumber Indian Ocean.

Socioeconomic and technical factors exert restraining influence on fishing in very remote areas of the world ocean and especially in the south-polar region of the earth. Meanwhile the share of Antarctic fishing in the world’s production of seafood is growing rapidly.

Cultivation of some kinds of organisms at the artificially created marine plantations and farms also can’t be ignored. Aquaculture is probably one of the main directions in the modern marine economy development. At the same time the aquaculture organization is possible only in the water areas well developed by a man.

Technologies of the water bioresources processing must ensure rational and multiple use of all the parts of the fish and marine products. Production of variegated fish products raises the efficiency of the fishing fleets. The improvement of already existing technologies and development of brand new kinds of food, fodder and technical production made of fish are urgent problems of the modern society.

Development of new kinds and improving already existing equipment for fishing, recycling and storage of water biological resources helps to increase productivity and automate production. Upgrading of the technical equipment for fishing industry will improve the quality of products produced by fishing companies.

Main directions of the conference’s workshops:

  1. Water bioresources and ecology, fisheries and aquaculture;
  2. Exploitation of the water transport and navigation;
  3. Technologies and quality control of the products made of hydrocoles;
  4. Technical equipment for food and fridge production;
  5. Economy, finances, management and social aspects of the fisheries industry development.

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