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The 2nd International Scientific and Technical Conference «Urgent problems of the world ocean biological resources development» 22 - 24 May, 2012

Dear colleagues! 

We kindly invite You to participate in the 2-d International Scientific and Technical Conference «Urgent problems of the world ocean biological resources development», that will be held on the 22nd -24th

of May, 2012 

Main directions of the conference’s workshops:

1. Water bioresources, ecology, fisheries and aquaculture;

2. Exploitation of the water transport and navigation;

3. Technologies and quality control of the products made of aquatic organisms (hydrocoles);

4. Technical equipment for food and fridge production;

5. Economy, finances, management and social aspects of the fisheries industry development.


Conference venue:

FSSEI HPE "Dalrybvtuz"

690087, Russia, Vladivostok, 52b Lugovaya Str.


Forms of participation in the conference

- Plenary reports;

- Sectional reports;

- Roundtable discussions;

- Publication in conference information package as well as publication on university website.

Events held in connection with the conference:

- Competition of students’ scientific researches;

-  Round-table conferences:

  • “Specialists training for water bioresources development: experience of APEC countries”;
  • “The problems of reforming the aquaculture and fisheries management systems”.

Organizing Committee of the Conference

Chairman – D.Sc. Professor, President of FSSEI HPE «Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University» (FSSEI HPE «DALRYBVTUZ») Kim Georgy N.

Co-chairman - D.Sc, Professor Bogdanov V.D., pro-rector for science of FSSEI HPE «Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University» (FSSEI HPE «DALRYBVTUZ»)

Executive Secretary – the Head of Scientific Management Dept. Pomoz A. S.

Technical Secretariat – the main specialist of Scientific Management Dept. Obraztsova E. Y.


Address of the Conference Organizing Committee:

690087, Vladivostok,

52b Lugovaya Str,

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University,

Tel: 8 (423) 2-44-19-28

Tel./Fax: 8 (423) 2-44-19-28

                8 (423) 2-44-11-76

http:// www.conf.dalrybvtuz.ru

E-mail: ();



Bank information:

Account: №40503840150020100552


TIN: 2538008586





For participation in the conference Full name

You can find the information about our new bank references for conference fee on the conference website and official website of Dalrybvtuz: http:// www.dalryvtuz.ru.

Requirements for materials submission


In order to take part in the conference it’s required to submit to the Conference organizing committee’s E-mail address the following materials prior to 10 April, 2012:

Application form, testifying the participation in the conference (it’s available on our website: http:// www.conf.dalrybvtuz.ru);

-  Conference materials made in accordance with the mentioned below requirements. Please give the name to your file according to the name of the first author with the file extension .doc.

- Copy of the payment order, testifying the payment was transferred to Dalrybvtuz’s current account or payment slip “for participation in the conference”.  


Conference fee for foreign authors’ participation in the conference amounts to:

  • 50$US in cash to the Dalrybvtuz’s cash desk for the participation in presence;
    • 70$US  by non-cash payment including bank charge for absentee participation in the conference;

Conference fee for corporate entities is paid contractually. Attendance is for free.


Conference fee will guarantee:

 -  Official registration as a conference participant and publication (not more than 2 materials of one author including in co-authorship) in the conference information package and on the conference web-site;

-  A right to submit reports (not more than 2, including in co-authorship);

- Receipt of 1 complete set of the conference materials;

- Organizing committee’s assistance in hotel reservation;

-    Coffee-breaks.

Meals, accommodation and travel fares are covered by the participants.

Deadline periods

10 April 2012

- Submission of registration forms and conference materials by the participants.

21 May –  Arrival

22 - 24 Мay –  Working days of the conference

25 May - Departure


Requirements for the conference materials

1. Contents. It’s necessary to formulate problems, reflect the object and subject of research, demonstrate the achieved level of research, and emphasize the novelty of the results and the sphere of its implementation.

2. Text formatting.

In the upper left corner there is UDC code; below in the middle of the line after a line space place the name of report, than space, initials, surname of the author (authors); below in the middle of the page place the name of educational institution or organization, city; below space line, brief summary (annotation) about 3-7 lines in italics, below space line and abstracts of the text, than place a bibliographical list according to the references in the text. At the end of report there must be initials of the authors, the name of report and brief summary (annotation) in English.

3. Illustrations and diagrams shouldn’t exceed 10, 8 cm in width.

4. Volume of the text should be up to 4 full pages of the A4 format. All the margins are 2 cm.

5. Text. Type-Arial 9, indention – 0,7 cm; line spacing – single, letter spacing and word spacing – normal, simple formulas should be typed with symbols (Symbol Type), special complex formulas and multiline formulas must be typed in formula editor Microsoft Equation 3.0; all the tables should be numbered consecutively; illustrations can be made using MS Word or in the form of scanned images (in gray scale with resolution 150 dpi) and in the form of vector files in EMF and WMF formats, text captions should be converted in curves, captions under images are in type 8.



  UDC 669.713.7

                                                                                                               Space line


Space line

А.А. Ivanov

FSSEI HPE "DALRYBVTUZ", Vladivostok, Russia

Space line                                                                                                               

Brief summary (annotation), in italics

                                                                                                                Space line

Text, text, text, text, text, text………….

                                                                                                                   Space line

Bibliographical list

Space line

  1. Is typed according to ГОСТ Р 7.0.5 – 2008 «Bibliographic reference»


Space line

A.A. Ivanov

Dalrybvtuz, Vladivostok, Russia,

Space line


Space line

Brief summary (annotation) in English, in italics


Editorial board reserves the right to refuse the publication of the materials that are in violation of the requirements and deadlines and not directly relevant to the topic of the publication.

All the materials of the conference will be published as a collection of scientific articles and posted to our site: www.conf.dalrybvtuz.ru

You can find detailed information concerning the conference “Urgent problems of the world ocean biological resources development” on our website: www.conf.dalrybvtuz.ru

Dear Colleagues!

Please share this information with your colleagues and partners who might be interested in this event.

See you in Primorye!




Registration form for participation in the conference

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