Dalrybvtuz conferences

One of the most important activities of DALRYBVTUZ is scientific research; its results are approved at scientific conferences of different levels and value.

Scientific conference as a form of scientific information exchange allows not only to demonstrate our own achievements but also gives an opportunity to participate in discussions, debates, become familiarized with colleagues’ achievements, and actively collaborate with scientific world.

Traditional for DALRYBVTUZ are:

  • International Scientific Conferences «Fisheries researches of the World ocean» (is held once in 3 years in May) Student Research Conferences:


Student, science, technology

Seafarers for Far East fishing industry development

Interaction of science and education for food technology development

  • International Scientific Conference: «Problems and perspectives of the development of Far Eastern region of Russia: economics, politics and management»

DALRYBVTUZ tries to ensure that its students and faculty members are able to enrich the scientific potential of Far Eastern region and the whole Russia.

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